Monday, 16 September 2013

and the wierdness continues...

Do you remember my 'weird dog' painting I started a while ago? well I haven't been inspired much lately because we have been trying to sell our home and every time I start making a mess someone wants to come and have a look. Anyway, I had some watch parts (impulse buy on ebay late at night :)) and the Artists Society I belong to are having a small paintings exhibition soon, so I thought I would go all mixed media. That is how my doggy became clockwork insects. As usual my photography sucks, I took some photos before and after framing. Basically I made an experimental background with inks and gold and copper foil, then arranged the clockwork parts on the paper, glued them down and framed them in shadow box style frames. I placed some leaf skeletons and twigs sprayed with 'Pearlizer' under and above the matting to add to the 3d look. I think they are kind of cute? It was so much fun naming them...they are - "Clockwork Moth", "Gyro", "Insectoid" and my personal favourite, "Pincer Movement". I think I am going mad :)

Saturday, 7 September 2013


Little fun pieces just because I felt like it :) and I had frames that fit them!

"Sunshine" 15cm x 30cm Terracotta Colourfix


"Needlepoint" 15cm x 25cm reclaimed sand Colourfix