Friday, 5 April 2013

Have you ever noticed?

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to learn something new? Using photo editing software, uploading images, copying links blah blah blah. It seems so alien to me and is a real chore for me to learn (not to mention extremely frustrating for those that are trying to teach me). It is lucky that for me I see it as a tool and a means to an end, I want such and such to happen so I have to do this. Otherwise I would definitely still be in the dark! The thing I am finding most frustrating at the moment is photography of finished pieces that accurately depict the real life colours. I have quite an old digital camera that picks up the colours quite well but not detail, and my son has a very fancy camera that gives good resolution but not so accurate colours. Really though, I guess we are all much better off with the technology than  not, but keeping up to date is sooo hard :) and I HATE asking for help... anyway, this is a piece from a little while ago that I forgot to photograph and after about 45 mins of dragging it around the backyard to find some good light I got this shot, anyway, you get the idea... (Its not just me thats tech. challenged is it?) Oh and thanks to Wetcanvas RIL for the original ref. :)