Monday, 7 April 2014

Feather No. 1


A very lovely artist friend of mine, who has also exhibited 
at the same venue my exhibition will be at, has kindly 
loaned me a wonderful stand to display small unframed
works. It fits 15 10 x 8 matted pieces. Catherine filled hers 
with exquisite little watercolour and airbrush birds. As I 
am challenged when it comes to painting small, I thought
I would paint feathers. My friend also has a large collection
of feathers, which she very kindly photographed for me, 
and I also have quite a few of my own. The above feather
is a real treasure, found on a dog walk recently. These 
poor birds are suffering very real pressure from habitat loss
and their numbers are dropping alarmingly :( We still have 
a quite healthy population locally but who knows how long
for. Anyway, you can see I took some artistic license with 
this one!
Carnaby's Red Tailed Black Cockatoo
Male Tail Feather

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