Monday, 5 January 2015

Day 6 :)

'Tingle Forest'
50cm x 70cm Pastel on colourfix Aubergine

The official temperature yesterday was 44.5 degrees celcius (112 F). Yuck who needs it? But not all of Western Australia is like that :) About 3 hours South of here are huge old growth forests filled with incredible giant trees, ferns and native palms...teeming with wildlife and lovely lovely SHADE :) Could do with a bit of that here! Another hot one today but I am slowly getting back into my summer routine of painting from about 6.30 am to whenever my studio gets too hot. Today I made it till 10.

These trees are really strange to those who have never seen them before...the base is usually a tangle of long strips of dark coloured bark that sheds and 'drips' onto the forest floor, creating a little habitat for the ground dwellers. Emerging from the untidy base are the smoothest trunks you will ever see, subtle variations of white, pink and grey blue that sparkle anywhere the light can penetrate and touch the bark (I guess you can tell I like it there!) They grow straight and tall, competing with each other to reach the top of the canopy.

I am hoping for a nice quiet morning tomorrow so I can catch up andstick to my goal of 10 pastels, I am currently two behind...cheers