Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Coffee with a friend :)

Zen Garden

Aah, back to my old friends, pastels, it's been quite a while since I got them out and I really enjoyed it. I filmed this small piece for you tube as a demo on adding texture to pastel paintings. Sometimes, if you are new to pastels, they can seem a bit limited when it comes to texture, but as you can see from the close-ups, you just need a few tricks up your sleeve. This is a small, longish piece on scrap paper. This is a Karri Forest, these trees grow straight and TALL, really tall! The bark at the bottom 10 metres or so is stringy and dark, the upper trunks are fairly smooth and beautiful shades of cream, grey, blue and peach, in fact the scientific name for them is Eucalyptus Diversicolor. Hopefully the video will be up in a few days...cheers!