Thursday, 3 September 2015

Busy Bee :)

Must be Spring, insects are appearing, hay fever is raging! As much as I love Spring, I dread the heat of Summer :( I have been so busy lately, but I have found time in the last few evenings to finish this piece...actually in my usual style I finished it this morning at about 6am, framed it and boxed it and delivered it to an exhibition by 9.30, with 3 other pieces. Some people never learn! Anyway, I have called this one 'The Entomologist', I have a previous painting with this title and I am still kind of hooked on the whole insect thing. What a busy time and up and down...I submitted work for 4 juried events and got into 2 so I guess that's ok :) Glass is still half full...after tomorrow I will have a total of 12 paintings and drawings out at 4 exhibitions. Spring is definitely the season for painting! Cheers!

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