Sunday, 1 November 2015

Ending the art year on a high :)

Hi all! Just finished up the last exhibition of the year, the Armadale Society of Artists is the wonderful club I have belonged to since 2008. They are such a great, supportive group of people and I owe them a lot :) I was lucky enough to receive First Prize for 'Message in a Bottle', the 'Tony Buti Award' (sponsored by our local politician) for 'Podargus Biology' and I just found out...the People's Choice Award for 'A Crash Course in Whimsy'! To top it all off, I sold a painting and a drawing...I am so grateful for all the support I have had from this club, I would urge anyone who has a local art club or society near them to join, the benefits can't be measured and there is also often the opportunity to give back to the community through being involved with something local :) We are all so involved with being online these days (not that that is a bad thing either) sometimes we forget what is just outside our door...cheers!

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