Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Where Have I been?

Birdwatcher - Micron Pen

It's been a while - true. In November we lost our old girl Diesel to liver failure so it wasn't really a very Happy New Year. She was a great big, lovable Ridgeback/Staffy/unknown cross and she was my shadow for 11 years.  Going out to the studio has been so strange without her snoring on the couch. I haven't really been looking at anyone else's blogs for that time either and I have a lot of catching up to do! Anyway, artwise I ended the year really well. The drawing above was given the Works on Paper prize at Kondinin and I also was lucky enough to pick up First Prize and People's choice at our club's annual exhibition for Frankenfish and Nocturne 2. Also, exciting news! I was all booked for a solo exhibition at the Zig Zag Gallery in 2018, then someone cancelled and I said yes, why not! So I have been madly painting (and a little sculpting) hoping to get some new work done in time. It opens on the 3rd March and runs for two weeks, so not much time to get ready :) If you are local please drop in and have a look. I am actually really excited about seeing all my work hanging together and the space is really lovely. Anyway, I have new work to post so hopefully you haven't all given up on me! Cheers :)

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