Sunday, 16 February 2014

Demo 2012

'Firebreak Demo 2012'

I did this piece as a demo for a lovely group of artists in 2012, it was the first demo I did in front of a large audience. I will never forget it. Some of them may have loved it, some may have been disappointed, but for myself, who has trouble talking to groups of people larger than 3, well just let me took a few days for me to come back down to Earth! I still struggle, but the feeling of conquering the fear and sharing your passion is worth it afterwards :) I didn't do my best work, but that doesn't matter, every artist knows you have ups and downs... art is an emotional thing, it comes from somewhere inside that you don't really understand and sometimes it works...sometimes not :). The best piece of advice I ever heard from another artist (De Gillett) is to get out of your own way :)