Wednesday, 12 February 2014


'Fecundity' 1m x 1m Mixed Media on Gallery Wrap canvas

So the title sounds kind of off putting but this weird word actually means abundance, fertility etc

Anyway, a weird title for a weird piece :) I have had this one brewing in my minds eye for quite a while now...included on the canvas are real leaves, bark and insects that I have preserved in gel. The nests are based loosely on Weaver Bird nests, as is the yellow bird. I am hoping this piece gives the viewer the feeling of abundance and how beautiful and important our disappearing environment is and also how fragile. I was especially pleased with how the nests and the peacock feathers turned out. There is a lot of texture on the surface that you probably can't see.When the ink is dropped in it follows the textures and does magical things all by much fun :)

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