Sunday, 16 March 2014

busy, busy, busy

Progress shots 1. sketch 2. block in 3. alcohol wash
I spent a pile of time drawing a grid on my photo for this one, then couldn't be bothered drawing another up for my large sheet so I just sketched her highness in with charcoal - I think I am actually more comfortable with this. I feel like I get a bit of a warm up for the next step and it just feels a lot more natural. So the sketch isn't perfect, but who cares - I am not really a photorealist anyway. This is going to be big - 1metre by 70cm, my favourite size sheet. The only down side of using this size paper is that I can only seem to get them in white, which means I need to wash in with alcohol. When I paint landscapes I love using that technique, but for animals I prefer coloured paper - I have no idea why :) I am already enjoying this one though so thats a good thing! I just sold 'The Watcher' and 'Fecundity' on the weekend :) at an exhibition so I need to restock on large pieces. The lovely full figured model in this one is my own dog, you may remember her from a previous post where she decided 'Fecundity' made a nice pillow.

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