Friday, 7 March 2014

Rocks, rocks and more rocks...and some water

20cm x 30cm
Pastel on Colourfix
Having done a bit of a clean out of my storage, I have found lots of small size offcuts of colourfix - a few months ago I would have used them to test colours or something, but now I have discovered the joys of painting small pieces. Yay, I won't run out of paper for the next ten years :) Just goes to show, you should change things up every now and then. I still need lots of practice going smaller - I have found my palette needs to be a bit more subdued and getting composition right is a lot trickier. I want to try to do three or four of these a week,one large pastel and one large acrylic or oil. Nothing like having unrealistic goals right? My goal has a purpose - I want to hold a joint exhibition and then a solo one towards the end of the year :)