Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Toot Toot :)

Hi Everyone! Sorry for not posting lately but I have been recharging the old batteries. Catching up on all the boring stuff that was neglected while I painted like a mad woman for the last couple of months. Time for a bit of horn tooting - 'Spring Rolls' picked up a prize this year for Best Local Scene, at the Pinjarra Rotary Art Show, and 'Gypsy'  (a miniature version of the Vanner mare) sold, so that was fun :)
This time of the year here is perfect planting weather - even though it is officially Winter, now the daytime temps have been aound 20 - 24 degrees celcius and we are getting fairly regular rainfall. It rarely rains here in Summer, but we do get wet Winters so everything is looking nice and green for a change. We have been noticing a bit more wildlife soaking up the sun when we are bushwalking. There are quite a few roos around here and the reptiles are still popping out on warm days. The ones in the photo above were enjoying a beautiful morning, not bothered by us at all. The one on the left was HUGE, I would have loved to have seen him standing up. The males can get over 6 feet tall, but the ones around here are a smaller species and I have never seen one this size around before, must be good grazing! Anyhoo, bye for now, I am off to check out everyone else's blogs :)

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