Monday, 11 August 2014

In the Ether

'In the Ether'
Mixed Media 1m x 40cm

So this one is quite small for me, mixed media wise :) I am entering it into a competition of paintings around the theme of communication. It really just a light hearted look at how we have 'progressed' from overly wordy, classic literature to this new way of speaking in abbreviations, conveyed in a mysterious way that people like me don't understand. All these thing are floating by in the ether, above my head in more ways than one! :) There is some spray paint, pitt pens, vintage book pages and lots of thick acrylic paint and ink on this one...lots of back to the pastels...I have a demo to do on Friday and an exhibition with 7 other pastellist lookming so its time to get dusty!

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