Monday, 28 July 2014

Bronzewing Bling

"Bronzewing Bling'
Mixed Media 90cm x 45cm

This is another in my native bird series..I love these tubby little pigeons. They make the most haunting noise and are a fairly dull colour for the most part but their wings have these  beautiful little flashy bronze, green, orange feathers...couldnt really capture them in paint. Included in this piece is a page from a vintage Longfellow book of poetry. I bought a pile of really old books on ebay quite cheaply (they arent rare) and I want to do them justice...hopefully they will live on through these mixed media pieces. You just can't reproduce the patina some of these pages have and they have really sparked a bit of a surge in ideas. Anyway, this poem seemed to capture the feeling of the piece even though April in Australia is Autumn, not Spring!