Sunday, 6 July 2014

Croppy crop crop

'Evening Firebreak  No.2'
Pastel on Coloufix with alcohol underpainting

to crop or not to crop?
Firstly, my apologies to anyone following this blog - I have been a bit under the weather (cold and flu season here) so I haven't been posting or commenting on other blogs or doing much at all really except coughing and blowing my nose :( But to get myself going again I thought I would redo an old favourite, then I thought 'I wonder if a severe crop would work on this?'. I have a pastel only exhibition coming up in September and I am limited in the size of my pieces entered - half sheets only - and one big piece, so I thought maybe.....chop it in half? Anyone have any opinions on this? Would love to hear them? :) Have some new stuff to photograph and post so stay tuned!