Monday, 29 September 2014

Habitattered Two and some horn tooting :)

Last year I was very excited to find out that my pastel Nicky Road Farm had won the Agricultural Award at Kondinin Artists Group exhibition, this prize meant that I qualified to exhibit this piece at the Perth Royal Show in the Agricultural section. On Thursday night my husband and I attended the opening and I was sooo excited to pick up an award - I had no idea! It was the JJ Award for Commendation and Encouragement, and a lovely surprise :) In the same week I also received a Highly Commended award from Wongan Hills which was also exciting as it is the first time I have ever won a prize for a Mixed Media work, so hopefully that means that they are going in the right direction :) Anyway, I thought I might share some of the process with you guys - I started this one yesterday - I will share this all the way along, warts and all, even if it doesn't turn out! The first shots are of a beautiful piece of 300 wc paper with moulding paste added, if you look closely you can see the textures I have added into it. The next shots are after I have added Quink (fountain pen Ink) and splashes of alcohol. I love the way Quink bleeds into the paper and the pigments change from black to Dark Blue and even Ochre shades...stay tuned - I need to buy a new canvas to continue this one :)

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