Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Impressionist Wannabe :)

Sir Walter 

At the moment I am in the middle of some large projects, but sometimes my way of working with mixed media can get a little tiring. I get that spontaneous and relaxed feeling from pastels and I wanted to be able to transfer it over to acrylic. It's not that easy! So yesterday I took a break from my current projects and pulled out a used canvas that already had a couple of false starts on it. I had a great time painting this Red Kangaroo with no pressure to have a good outcome...I was so happy to have a breakthrough...I nearly managed to translate my pastel style into acrylic. It was really exciting for me. I enjoyed the texture that was already on the canvas and added some more...I used the colours that I felt like and when I was finished I liked the result. Things aren't always positive when I pick up a brush, but I'm calling this one done...even if it's only me that likes it! Cheers :)

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