Monday, 15 July 2013


This one was finished in a mad rush this morning, signed, photographed (poorly), framed and dispatched to a show before I even had a chance to properly asses it. I know I will stare at these photos for a week now, picking out all the parts I could have improved, the one positive about it is that I can't fiddle with it even if I want to! Even if no-one else likes this piece my heart was full when I painted it, I have painted this scene before and it is just a joy to weave a tapestry of little lights and darks, tiny shapes making up bigger, simpler shapes. It is one of my favourite ways to use pastels, letting the colours play off each other and letting things organise themselves. Now I have three weeks to prepare for a workshop, and if I get time I am going to dig out my oils, reading Julie Ford Oliver's blog has really inspired me :)