Monday, 8 July 2013

Clear skies ahead

Well my other half looked at my painting last  night and said, "did you get bored and just stick some badly painted clouds in?" and he was right. I had no interest in the sky and the clouds I painted were all over the place value and perspective off they came this morning and this is the next effort. I think I will let this one percolate for a couple of days and then frame it. I have been looking for the right subject to put in a moon and I think this one just needed something simple to balance out the negative space in the sky and the raging colours of the mountain. The tentative title is 'The moon and Mount Nameless' (a lot of imagination went into that...not) This is a painting of a mountain in a little mining town in North Western Australia called Tom Price, and yes the mountain is actually called Mount Nameless! Although I think the Aboriginal people already had a name for it and I must try to find out what that is. The mountain forms part of the Hamersley Ranges and the area is heavily mined for iron ore...which explains the predominance of red and orange. :) Once again the photo does not reflect the values accurately, the foreground highlights are actually quite subtle...sigh