Thursday, 4 July 2013

More Looking Back...

What a week its been. I have a painting that needs to be not just finished but started before next weekend. I have started it twice now and scrapped it twice. Our house is for sale and we have had people through for the last week, all my gear is packed away except the bare essentials and even that gets shuffled out to the shed every time we get someone through. I am really missing my studio, it has been converted back into a bedroom while we are selling :( I hope it sells soon so we can move on and I will hopefully get a 'real' studio...yay, we can all dream right? Anyway, I thought I would post an old piece, I was recently reminded of this one when someone commented on one of my youtube videos, having seen it in a magazine from over a year ago and on the other side of the world. They had successfully done the demo from the article and were really pleased with the results. What a nice bit of feedback that was! This was a large piece, 1m x 70cm on colourfix with a dry underpainting. I am having a blast looking back, some parts of my technique have changed for the better, some I think I will revisit. The composition on this one is definitely not the best, but I do like the colours and the strokes on the tree.