Sunday, 23 November 2014

Almost there

Nearly you can see, I have added my little windows, one has the Christmas beetle, one has an Old Lady Moth and some rust, and the last one has a little poem about night life from a vintage book and some handmade paper, a couple of real feathers off some random bird and a pencil drawing of a Tawny feather. You might be wondering why I am not using the real feather? I had an assortment of feathers identified by the Ornithology Curator at our museum and it turns out it wasn't a Tawny feather after all :( Never mind it is still beautiful! I have added some handwritten script with some sciency sounding stuff - white across the dark areas and black across the light areas. I am still waiting on one more thing I want to add and then my friend Catherine (who is a framer as well as an artist) can help me work out a creative frame for this fellow, I have some ideas but knowing me they are porbably all really impractical :) Cheers!

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