Sunday, 9 November 2014

somethings cooking :)

Yay, I finally have something brewing :) Only just started obviously...but started nonetheless! Podargus strigoides is the fancy scientifical term for Tawny Frogmouth. These are my favourite Aussie bird. They are nocturnal however they aren't owls. They are fairly common but you rarely see one as they have the most incredible camouflage. Hopefully I will be able to do it justice when this is finished. It all started last week when my other half found a tawny feather while we where walking the dogs. I had already been toying around with this canvas with some kind of  coral reef idea in mind but it wasn't working, when we got home from our walk I put the feather on the canvas and voila! I had inspiration at last. I am kind of toying with ideas of adding old picture frames in various places, some hanging out from the canvas, this way I can include the feather and some of my handmade papers with out glueing which often changes the way they look. Still very much a WIP though. The last picture is a little board book that I am altering with various faux rust effects. I bought 6 of these little board books second hand and I am going to use them as 'recipe' books for different mixed media techniques. I have been filming each page of this one so we shall see if it works as a Youtube vid. Anyway, cheers for now, have a great day! :)

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