Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Playing with Paper

I got some beautiful paper this week, I could have just put it in a frame by itself it is so lovely. tearing it was HARD, but, I had fun trying to make a Silk Moth (Bombyx Mori). These are the moths that are involved in the Silk making process and they are little furry white balls of pretty :). The piece I am currently working on is about the silk process, inspired by some lovely little silk rods I bought on Ebay (in the same photos as the moth). The bottom photo is all the silk worm cocoons I have cut in half and filled with Moulding Paste. I think I might be somewhat disturbed :P Lately I have been thinking a lot about meaning and narrative in artwork, every piece I have done this year has been preceded with a lot of research and sketches. For me, this has really made me enjoy the process so much more. Even though I like to paint 'by the seat of pants', the preparation helps to spark the beginnings and is helping me through the problem solving parts. The down side of this is it is also slowing down the process so I am getting a little behind...:) (I wish I had a little behind HaHA) Cheers!