Tuesday, 31 March 2015


1m x 1m 

I did actually finish this piece in time (last week). It felt a little rushed but overall I am really happy with it. I have been a little bit obsessed by the whole silk manufacturing process lately, but its out of my system now :) The top picture is the finished piece and the other shots are some close ups to show the silk worm cocoons, the glass dome over my hand-made moth and some of the different textures I used, which included plastic garden wire to represent the grids that they sometimes farm the silk worms in. The words 'Bombyx Mori' are the scientific name for the silk moth. I am actually feeling the lure of my pastels again, but we are still in the midst of building my new studio so I don't want to get out another pile of stuff and make even more mess...anyway, cheers for now :)