Thursday, 5 March 2015

Ups and Downs


'Night Vision'
So sorry I haven't posted in so long, it's been such a weird start to the year. We recently embarked on a project to build a new studio for me and in the middle of all that, one of my adult kids (who has had some health issues for about a year) just found out they have Graves Disease, at least we know now what's wrong now :) Then there has been other personal things going on (as they do!) so there hasn't been much space for painting :( On the up side, soon I will have a new studio AND last night I got some great news...the painting 'Smoko' won a Highly Commended prize at this years Wagin Woolorama and my mixed media piece 'Night Vision' won best Mixed Media. I am so excited! It's only the second prize I have won with a mixed media painting so I feel confident to keep going in this direction now (at least for a while!) anyway, cheers for following all my little ups and downs :)