Monday, 13 May 2013

and then...

Time to let this one just be for now I think, it definitely needs to sit out of sight for a while, although not for too long because its entered in a show in a couple of weeks and I need to frame it :) I have called it 'The Ups and the Downs'. It is inspired by a photo my other half took while we where hiking in our local national park. All of a sudden, after hiking up rocky hills and though typical harsh Aussie scrub this little scene appeared that, to me anyway, looked like something you might happen onto in Italy or France (but what would I know, I've never been to Europe!). This part of the park looks to have been reclaimed from old farmland and still bears the marks of a large scale garden in was quite a surprise and so out of place. A beautiful little secret and worth the hike to get there!

70 cm x 70 cm Pastel on colourfix with an alcohol and soft pastel underpainting