Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Here we go again...:)

Back on the horse again yesterday, another piece that seemed so clear in my head but got lost at the start. Beginning a painting, for me at least, is absolutely the hardest part. I have a solid concept with reference material and notes and ideas...but as soon as I see that blank sheet of paper everything evaporates! The first image is my initial block-in, then I washed this down with alcohol (at this stage I was still pretty happy)...Then something happened and my brain started to make me do stupid things to the shape of the hill :(. So out came the foam brush and a fresh start. My next attempt was a much more solid effort and I am now caught up in the groove of finishing a piece (thank goodness). this is my favourite place to be, when I am not working on it I am thinking about it, this is my happy place and I know many other artists feel the same way. I just have to let go of the feeling of having wasted a couple of hours at the could have ended worse, garden hose maybe!