Monday, 20 May 2013

What Fun :))

Well this was a lot of fun! I am enjoying experimenting with textured surfaces at the moment, it has really added another dimension (pun intended) for me...this piece is a practice run for a couple of demos I will be doing on the weekend during a workshop. I wanted to bring something new to the table, some of the students are already well established with pastels and some have acrylic backgrounds. I am hoping to show some exciting techniques that maybe they haven't come across yet. It was also just a complete abandonment of sensible colour which is always great fun right? Also the results are quite a surprise when they appear, what looks like nothing with one layer of pastel suddenly takes on a life of its own as you add layers. This piece is loosely based on some amazing rock formations in the outback fittingly called 'The Devil's Marbles'. They are fascinating for artists and photographers and the desert light changes the colours of the shadows and the rocks in quite dramatic ways.