Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Must Practice my demos

You know try as I might I couldn't draw or paint a decent animal on Sunday! I was so daunted by being watched so closely by other artists! Then today I had no plans to paint, walked past the studio and wandered in and started painting from a loose sketch I had done previously, anyway about two hours later I had 'Security' (although I like to think of him as Cyril and Friends). He needs another hour or so yet, but I am glad he appeared because I was short a painting for an upcoming exhibition so that takes some pressure off. The background was a lot of fun, I took inspiration from my weekend students and went mad with the alcohol and a stiff brush. It dripped and made a mess and I used pastel over it while it was still wet and enjoyed the freedom of creating. Sometimes we need to take our own advice and lighten up...:)
'Security' 70cm x 50cm Colourfix Elephant