Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Tortured artist

When we create a piece we think about it, we sketch it, we plan it, we have dreams about it. It is so forefront in our minds until it is completed that it can become an obsession. When a piece isn't working its a constant source of frustration, like a jigsaw with some pieces missing. When its going well we dread it being finished, like a good book. When it turns out how we envisioned it we fret that it may be the best piece we ever complete and may never live up to it again. If we don't sell it we question what is wrong with it and if we do sell it we want it back. Why would anyone choose to be an artist - well I guess the real answer is...its not really a choice is it? Its certainly no way to make a living! An artists just is and that all there is to it. Its a strange thing, I never tire of looking at other peoples art in all different genres and I am always so eager to show mine to others (especially other artists), yet I am normally very private. This blog is a very strange place for me, to share my thoughts about art with whoever happens on to it is kind of therapeutic...anyway enough dribble for is a picture of a tortured tree by a tortured artist...

'The Scenic Route' Terracotta Colourfix 50cm x 70cm