Monday, 13 January 2014

Day 14

'Koi Polloi'

8cm x 10cm  Ink, Texture medium, Pitt Pens, Gold leaf and Opal Dust

Day 14 and I am starting to feel a little low on ideas! I was a couple of paintings in front for a while there and the pressure was off :) Now I have shifted gears on my larger pieces and I have to really do some creative squeezing to get my daily done. Today I managed to start the second layer of my oil painting, do my little koi painting, mow the lawn, do 3 loads of washing, sweep the paths, move ten barrow loads of mulch and pick up parts for my broken car (not necessarily in that order) and now all I have to do is cook dinner and walk the dogs...phew. Below is a progress shot of my large landscape...thanks again everyone for all the lovely comments, I am really enjoying looking at everyones blogs, there is some talented people out there that for sure :)