Monday, 20 January 2014

Day 21

'Wake Up Call'
25cm x 15cm Sand Colourfix Paper

The final countdown - 10, 9, 8........ Got up early as usual, but this morning I got straight to work on my daily. I am so fortunate to have a fantastic view, we are in the hills,  facing West. This view is looking out from my studio. We get amazing sunsets, but I love the mornings, the sun is just up and the street lights are still on, and the houses where there are people up and about  have their lights on. You can't hear the hustle and bustle down below, so you can just appreciate the display :) This is the little guy I found sun baking outside this morning, I nearly stepped on him! He (or she) is a what we call a bobtail goanna, but they are also known as shingle back lizards. They are a quite large type of skink and when they are defensive they open their mouths and hiss, showing their huge blue tongues (yes, some people also call them blue tongues).
They actually make good pets but I prefer to leave them in my garden to eat the snails :)