Sunday, 5 January 2014

day 5

"Forest Awakens"

25cm x 50cm

reclaimed Colourfix

They don't call this a challenge for nothing! Another piece squeezed in, no masterpiece but it is a painting none-the-less :)

I am in awe of all the other artists in this challenge that post a wonderful, finished piece everyday! Mine are small and sometimes they feel a little unresolved and awkward, but I am still enjoying the ride!
 It doesn't help matters that I have also committed myself to two large scale works on canvas at the same time, but I am thinking that these small works can only help me by motivating me to go into the studio everyday (my studio has two glass walls and a glass ceiling and at this time of the year it is quite hot so I am trying to paint first thing every morning)...thankyou to everyone who is following along with me and commenting, it really is encouraging :)

The photo below is my setup for tomorrow morning, I found a little abandoned birds nest in my potted Ficus so I trimmed the branches off and  have pinned it to my easel for inspiration. Its a lovely little artwork all on its own.

tomorrow's setup (fingers crossed)

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