Sunday, 26 October 2014

The reality of creating

I had a really great weekend at our society's annual exhibition. I sold two paintings, one of them was 'Flight' (first photo). I wasn't really ready to part with this piece yet because I had grown quite fond of it, but it sold for a good price, I also sold Soft Morning (the pastel with the eggs and chick). Which brings me to my thoughts on the reality of creating art...I want to make art that I am proud to exhibit and offer for sale, and has meaning and integrity in its evolution. When I saw my new piece, Habitattered 2', hanging in the exhibition I knew deep down it wasn't good enough...the composition was poor, the finish was hurried and I had lost the feeling of the piece (probably from biting off more than I could chew). That is the reality of art - two pieces hanging side by side - one I felt good about, the other, blargh. But, once again, that is the reality - when I shared this piece step by step I had no idea if it would turn out well and that is just how it goes sometimes. It's good because it keeps me grounded and reminds me that part of success is failure. So the next few photos are 'Habitattered 2' painted over with gesso, then the process of problem solving begins with paper spread over the surface and some glued down now...I like it better already - I know it is a complete redo so I hope you will follow along with this ones rehab! Cheers! :)