Friday, 31 October 2014

Decompressing :)

Leafy Sea Dragon
Inktense, soft pastel, Uniball pen

This one is for the sketchbook only :) I have been so serious lately about art that I needed to muck around and just have a play. So I have forgotten about my rehab canvas for a while...its the end of the year as far as exhibitions go so I might as well relax :) Anyway, I thought I would stuff around with the different pencils I have purchased piecemeal over the years and discovered that I really like the Inktense - so much so that I think I might buy a set! This piece is just doodling around with Inktense, a couple of soft pastels and my Uniball pen on watercolour paper. Its not really meant to be a finished piece and I really enjoyed drawing and painting just for the fun of it :) Have a great creative weekend! Cheers :)