Wednesday, 30 December 2015

2 days to go! Tricia Reust and some more unblocking :)
Tricia Reust

More unblocking! :)

 Today I worked a bit more on my new painting so I thought I would share my progress with you...three magpies have begun to emerge from the paint I put down yesterday...I can feel my block crumbling and I feel great :)

Today's inspiring artist is fellow Aussie, Tricia Reust. Tricia also has a Colour in Your Life episode and several other Youtube videos. Tricia was also featured in the Incite 3 and Incite 2 Mixed Media books! I love Tricia's beautiful nature inspired mixed media. She uses so many different mediums its hard to keep track! Her drawings skills are amazing and, having chatted to her by email, I can tell you she is as friendly and easy going as she appears on her videos. Tricia has a bottomless pit of know how when it comes to mixed media and isn't afraid to show her heart and individuality, so thanks Tricia, you have inspired me and countless others :)

Something I learned...or actually realised, I am the luckiest person alive! I think this is something many artists feel, but I feel especially fortunate to have such a supportive family. They are my biggest fans and my most honest critics and they don't complain when I spend more time painting than cooking tea :) My other half comes to all the opening nights, fixes things in my studio (basically built my studio!) and pretends to be interested when I am browsing paint at Jacksons endlessly.

 A product, well at this time of the year (2 days ago is was 42 degrees C, which is 107.6 degrees F) is my new AIRCONDITIONER for my studio...what a relief. Before this was installed (2 weeks ago) I could really only work in there till about midday, even less if it was really hot. Now I don't have to freak out if I don't get out there before 8 in the morning! Yay and cheers!

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