Wednesday, 23 December 2015

8 days to go! De Gillett and kangaroo studies :)
De Gillett - Habitat       

Kangaroo study in pencil, Conte and Pitt Pen

And's inspiring artist is a wonderful, colourful Aussie called De Gillett. As you can see from the image at the top, her work is vibrant, individual and textural. I was inspired by this artist after watching her Colour in Your Life episode. She had such good techniques for using inks and moulding paste, and her artworks are full of life. I would love to go to one of her exhibitions or demos, however De is East coast and I am West...sigh. She is a fountain of knowledge and a real ideas woman...oh and she can sculpt and draw too!

Something I learned this year, drawing is important (to me anyway). When my family was younger drawing was the only way I had to keep time for art in my life, and even then, I neglected it. When I took up painting again, I really only used drawing to sketch out thumbnails or to make guidelines on my canvas or paper. Gradually the joy of drawing and line has crept back in to my life and especially this year I have made an effort to draw several times a week, trying to do it everyday and using different methods such as pencil, ink charcoal etc and different papers too :)

And finally, a product that I discovered this year...Air Dry Clay. This stuff is FUN. Working with your hands and thinking in 3D is so challenging. I can't believe what some artists produce with this stuff! I really want to experiment with it more next year :) Cheers!