Saturday, 26 December 2015

5 day to go! Christopher Lees and some Magpie studies :)

Ascending Shards
Christoper Lees - 'Ascending Shards'

Before I talk about today's artist, I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed doing these sketch book pages. It's very relaxing and is giving me some much needed inspiration. We have a family of these birds in our backyard and we can recognise each individual by their markings. At this time of the year they are raising babies so we give them a little bit of mince meat every day to take the pressure off. Most of them will come and take it from your hand. We always have a full bird bath because it's so hot here in the middle of it's nice to watch them :)

Today's inspiring artist is Christopher Lees. There isn't much info about him online and I have stupidly missed two of his exhibitions, normally I think he only exhibits East coast. His landscapes are so strange and quiet. Even though they look so alien, somehow they also feel familiar. I think there are a couple of Youtube videos but here is a link to his Facebook page. If I ever win Lotto, I'm buying one of his paintings :))

Something I learned, my craft heat gun is good, but my husbands industrial firebreathing paint stripper gun is much better! It has now left his workshop and taken up residence in the studio :) Yes it's good for speeding up drying, but what I really like about is is the way it makes paint blister and that is cool :)

A new product...see above lol :) Cheers

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