Saturday, 26 December 2015

6 days to go! Sharmon Davidson, and some experimenting :)

"Before there was anything, Heron and Crow were there"   Sharmon Davidson
Sharmon Davidson

More Bronzewing Experiments

Been doin' a little playing around and chopping up old paintings...:)

And today's inspiring artist is Sharmon Davidson who hosts the blog True Adventures of an Art Addict   To say that I love Sharmon's work would be like saying that I kind of enjoy chocolate :)
Her work is indescribable, layer on layer fused together, often with a story to tell. Also, she uses bones, feathers, ancient books...need I say more? Her birds are sublime and her complex collages are fascinating...I look forward to every post :) Thanks Sharmon!

Whats something I learned this year...revisit old work, even if you liked it once. It's always been a habit of mine to let a painting sit around where I can see it for a while before I sign it (except when I have painted up till the deadline!). Then I usually send it off to a few shows, if it doesn't sell it may get hung on the wall for a while or put into storage at the back of the studio. Lately I have been going back through finished pieces and playing around with them. It's been a little less daunting for me than starting a new, huge piece and has been a bit of a warm up for me as I have had a bit of an end of year all honesty...I am suffering a bit of the dreaded 'block' :(

Okey dokey, a product...Inktense pencils and blocks...when I first read about them they didn't interest me at all but I thought it wouldn't hurt to try them so when they came on sale I grabbed some and guess what? I love them, you can use them on paper or canvas, you can scrape bits off to sprinkle on, you can use them on a wet surface or put them on dry then wet them. As the name suggests the colours are incredibly intense and they mix together without muddying...cheers!

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