Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Nine days to go! Bronzewing Pigeon Study and Marla Baggetta

Marla Baggetta
Bronzewing Pigeon Studies

Today's inspiring artist is Marla Baggetta. I have been following Marla's work ever since I got my first set of pastels in 2009. Marla makes marks so freely and uses colour with such abandon and fearlessness...she is the sort of artist that can revisit a landscape many times, but each time is something new and exciting. I love the way she constantly changes up what she does, the size, the medium, the palette...I always look forward to her posts. So thankyou Marla for inspiring us with your beautiful artwork :)

Now, something else I have learned this year, the more you give, the more you get back :) OK I already know this too, but this year I really felt this. I shared all my new discoveries with other artists, I gave away artworks and I mentored...and in return I had the same thing returned to me. I have just wrapped up a very eventful and rewarding art year and I know that it wouldn't have been the same without the support I have had from other artists (and my family of course) :)

Last but not least, a new product that has definitely become an important part of my Mixed Media work - Derwent Metallic coloured pencils. These pencils are awesome, they will draw on almost any surface and they react well to water. They also look fantastic on a dark coloured surface.

Cheers for now!