Sunday, 27 December 2015

4 Days to go! Terry Miura and some unfinished work :)
Terry Miura

Work in Progress - Free the Sun

Today I am sharing some old work that I have been looking at recently, trying to work out ways to resolve it. I am still no further along on that! Anyway, today's inspiring artist is Terry Miura who hosts the blog Studio Notes . I love this blog, not to mention Terry's artwork. He is really so masterful at treading that thin line between realism and abstraction. His landscape work makes me want to paint landscapes and his figure work makes me want to paint figuratively.  Terry is also generous with his blog posts, they often contain images of his work as it progresses and explanations of his process. I have really learned a lot from reading his blog, and have enjoyed everyone of his posts, thankyou Terry!

Ok, something I learned this year. If I can't paint what inspires me it will show in my work. I have been asked by people when I'm going to start painting landscapes again, and while the landscape definitely inspires me, the idea of capturing it in paint doesn't have that same pull as it used to...right now. That isn't to say that it won't tomorrow. Right now I am really enjoying painting birds and animals, and working on canvas..although I am also experimenting with sculpture (behind closed doors!).

A product...let me see...ah yes...Liquitex metallic inks. These are really only need a little to go a long way and they will kind of spread and do their own thing on the canvas if you add a little water, some gravity and or some alcohol :) Cheers!