Monday, 11 March 2013

First Post Yay

Helloo there, ok, so bear with me this is my first blog post ever. I guess I will start with an image. It feels like the right way to begin a blog about art after all ;). I spent this morning at a local art event, painting outside an exhibition. Painting in public is still something I am getting used to but it is a great way to get your confidence levels up. Anyway, this was the little painting I managed to produce in about 2 hours or so (not including chatting, eating and generally schiving off!). It will need a bit more tweaking, or maybe painting over! Dave, as I have named him, is painted in pastel on terracotta colourfix sandpaper. This is absolutely my favourite paper bar none for painting animals. It just makes them pop. I used alcohol on the pastel background just to knock it back a bit.