Tuesday, 19 March 2013

More of the old stuff

These are three older pieces, its funny how each piece reminds me of some part of my progress and I guess thats why I prefer them to some of my other pieces. Even though they don't necessarily represent pieces that I sold or won a prize with they have significance in other ways (ok I did sell the one on the left but I didn't really want to!). The painting on the left taught me the 'power of the pathway'...that is using a composition containing a pathway, road etc and how it involves the viewer personally as they join you in a journey along the path. The middle painting is a small piece I painted for my Aunty who always encouraged me in my artistic pursuits...it was the first painting I did after I purchased an entire set of Mount Vision pastels, the best money I ever spent! The third is the first piece I ever tried a wet underpainting on and gave myself up to the 'serendipity' as Richard McKinley says...sometimes I forget that lovely loose feeling and have to remind myself to let go and let the painting tell me what to do :)